Sport egg throwing comprises of the following disciplines;

Egg Throwing.
Egg Static Relay.
Egg Target Throwing
Russian Egg Roulette
Egg Trebuchet Challenge

Egg Throwing

This comprises of a two-person team, the winner is the team who can throw and catch an egg over the greatest distance. The team start off 10 metres apart. After each throw each member will move further apart. The team members alternate their throwing and catching roles after each throw.

A successful toss allows progression onto the next round and is adjudged when the egg is moved between players without breakage or touching the ground.
A catcher may not move from his start position until the egg to be caught is in the air en route to that catcher.

Where more than 1 team is successful the players move backwards to a designated spot and repeat with the roles reversed until a winner is identified.
Where more than 1 team is successful the distance is extended.

Where no team completes a successful toss at a distance then the throw is repeated, on a knock out basis until a team, or teams achieves success.
The team that manages a successful toss of the greatest distance is judged to be the winner.

There are two events; all comers and "under 13"

Egg Static Relay

A team consists of 11 players.
Each player stands at a predetermined mark along a route 100 metres long.
Players may not move more than 5 metres from their mark.
Upon the start signal a packet of 12 eggs is passed, egg-by-egg, from player to player until the final team member has collected successfully all 12 eggs.
Eggs must travel individually.
Where a breakage occurs a 3 second penalty is added to the time.
The competition is held in heats with a play off to decide the championship title.

Egg Target Throwing

A selected (volunteer) target is placed 24 feet forward from the throw line in front of a safety net to prevent overthrow.
The thrower is provided with 4 eggs
The thrower must warn the target that he a throw is about to commence and receive acknowledgement before each throw.
Eggs are hurled at the target.
Points are awarded for strikes on specific areas.
Eggs that do not break upon impact with the target or rear safety net may be re-thrown.
If an egg falls outside the safety net area or throw line the thrower is disqualified.

Russian Egg Roulette

Individual challenge against an opponent on a knock out basis
Players sit opposite each other, across a table.
Each player wears a provided head bandana for protection. In appropriate bandanas may not be worn.
The toss winner decides whether to go first or second.
A tray containing 6 specially selected eggs will be proffered. 5 hard-boiled, 1 raw.
Each player takes it in turn to select one and then smash the egg onto his or her own fore head until one-player finds the raw one.
The finder of the raw egg loses the game or match.

Inspired by one Montegue Blister of Strange Games

Egg Trebuchet

A team of (at least) 2 players construct a gravity powered machine based upon the ancient trebuchet design. The base of the legs is restricted to 2 square metres (outriggers may protrude beyond this). The power source must be contained within a 9 litre container. Team member 1 targets a set distance. Team player number 2 becomes the target and positions self at that set distance. When the trebuchet releases the egg projectile team player number 2 may move from his start point. Points are awarded for striking the target. Additional points are received is the target catches the projectile unbroken. 3 eggs are provided for each distance. In the event of a tie a different distance is set until a winner is identified. PPE will be worn. this page See for more information