WETF Egg Throwing Rules

All competitors must be aware of the following generic rules:

1. Team members will be provided with protective clothing that must be worn when taking part in the competition. Eye protection goggles will be available.

2. Eye injuries are possible if struck by an egg. Players must be aware of the potential for harm. Eggs thrown in a reckless manner towards unprepared players or others may result in disqualification.

3. In order to reduce the risk of infection from of avian flu or subsequent shortage, all eggs will be stockpiled during the preceding 6 months to guarantee that they are free from any virus.

4. All eggs will come from organically fed, free range, sustainable and happy sources.

5. The organiser will supply all eggs used. They will be marked for security purposes and required to be broken by the heat or final winner, to prove that they have not been switched or tampered with, at the conclusion of each heat or final.

6. Players are not permitted to use any physical, hand held or worn aid when catching or throwing eggs. Aids include any kind of glove, net, propelling instrument (mechanical or otherwise), stick or any other object that gives and unfair advantage to the team.

As a responsible sporting governing body, we have banned the use of performance enhancing drugs, including doping agents. Any competitor may be subject to drug testing, people may be chosen at random, or targeted in the case of any allegations. We reserve the right to give any competitor a drug test, and in case of refusal, the competitor may be disqualified.  Swaton Micro Brewery “Happy Jack” real ale is a permitted and indeed recommended, substance. 

We follow the UK SPORT guidelines; please click here for more details
In any dispute, the Judges decision is final.

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